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quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2018

Yann Gonzalez


Entrevistei, pessoalmente, o francês Yann Gonzalez, realizador de "Knife+Heart" - uma longa-metragem de Terror com temática gay! A entrevista aconteceu aquando da 12.ª edição do MOTELX - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Terror de Lisboa, que se realizou no Cinema São Jorge.

Visto que a língua de conversação foi o inglês, resolvi não traduzir o que foi dito (quem não está à vontade com o inglês, basta ir ao canto superior direito do blog, ao "Translate", e seleccionar a língua mais conveniente). A entrevista, foi gravada por meio digital, e foi totalmente transcrita assegurando assim, a naturalidade de uma conversa que durou mais de 10 minutos onde, claro está, foi uma enorme honra para mim puder fazer todas as perguntas que tinha planeado... e ter respostas incríveis!
O realizador e argumentista francês Yann Gonzalez
Lisboa, 8 de Setembro de 2018, no Cinema São Jorge.

Adolescente Gay: How was your childhood and how does it connect with the projects that you’ve made?
Yann Gonzalez: I think that most of my films and what I’m trying to do, in general, is connected to my childhood.  Childhood, to me, is like the basis of everything. I would say childhood and teenage years, so it extended to the teenage years.
It’s funny that you’ve asked this question because yesterday I went to Cascais to see a kind of healer, a French woman, that a friend told me about and she told me that I was 80 % a child still today.

AG: How does journalism enter in your life?
YG: To me, it’s not a very important thing. It was a way just to stay connected to the cinema and to make a life out of it. To me, it was only a game, not something very serious.
So I had some fun and it was very happy years but to me, it was not something important.
I really wanted to make films.

AG: Did you go to college and study cinema?
YG: Yes I went to college, a public college, where I learned about film theory, nothing practical. We were not making films out there. We were just watching films, trying to analyze them and I had the most wonderful teacher in Paris, Nicole Brenez. She’s in charge of the Experimental Program at the French Cinematéque still today, and she opened my eyes to lots of different films and styles of images.

AG: How did you arrive at your last project “Knife + Heart”?
YG: To me, it’s a film that combines, in a very excessive way, lots of obsessions and that it’s trying to mix different genres to a point of no return in a way.
I think it’s the last film that I’ll try to do this way, in terms of mixing genres together, because I feel like I’m a bit fed up with people talking about my references, my favourite filmmakers.
It’s true. It’s very important in my life as much as a movie lover and a filmmaker but I just want to get rid of this and make something maybe simpler and with only one wave of emotions. To me, it was maybe one of my most experimental films, in terms of mixing genres.

AG: How was your experience this year in Cannes, given the case that your movie was nominated?
YG: It was super intense. It was something out of this world. It was a dream coming true because since I’m a kid, I want to make movies. Since I wanted to make movies, my craziest dream has been to go to official competitions in Cannes.
It was a bit weird to go there with my second feature film because now I don’t have a better dream than this one.
So I was floating. I was on air but at the same time, I was not. I think I tried to protect myself from this intensity, from all these intense and contradictory feelings that I was receiving.

AG: So you had a sense that you were more than 80 % child that time?
YG: Oh yeah. I was like 95 %.

AG: Why did you choose Vanessa Paradis?
YG: Because she’s an icon. Because I think she’s a great actress. I think she has this inner child that is very visible, very important. Our connection went through this inner child in each other.

AG: So you recognized one in the other?
YG: Yes.

AG: What was the biggest challenge in shooting the movie?
YG: It was super difficult. I think it was the most challenging thing that I’ve ever made. Everything is difficult but this one was excruciating. To me, it was like a big, big challenge since we didn’t have a big budget. We had like 2,6 million which is nothing because we had so many characters, so many actors, so many locations, special effects and animals shooting on film.
So, all of this was super expensive and every time I was going on set, every day, we tried to create a new challenge for every shot, for every sequence.  To us, it was really important.

AG: Why did you make a horror film that is porno-gay?
YG: Because I heard of this amazing character, a woman surrounded by a group of men and dominating them.
I thought it was really interesting. I think I’m a kind of sex-obsessed.
I like eroticism in film so when I heard of this woman working in the sex industry, I was really excited.
The silliness of the films she made. I like being silly in my films. I don’t take myself very serious. I just, as the woman told me yesterday, want to have fun and be a kid on my set and play with my images, with my actors, just to laugh.
I respect my characters a lot and I take them very seriously but at the same time being silly with your characters, to me, is taking them seriously.

AG: Do you think that the gay community is particularly susceptible to this kind of horror?
YG: Yes, because to me there is something about transgression in horror films and when you’re a kid, when you feel that you are gay, there’s a kind of transgression within you.
So when you see those kinds of films, which are very transgressive, which are breaking and fighting the norm, it’s a bit of a mirror image of your own struggle.
It’s empowerment at the same time. It’s like your inner self, your secret self, your secret homosexuality exploding with the blood and splatter.

AG: What is the relationship between M83 and the movie and particularly with you?
YG: Well he’s my brother.  It’s difficult to talk about my brother. When we work together he’s someone very demanding, very doubtful as I am but in a more secret way.
I think he was very scared of making this film because it was a lot of new things for him like making the soundtrack of a porn film for instance. He’s not sex-obsessed like I am so I think it was something may be difficult for him.
At one point he was not finding the right tone, the right colour of the soundtrack and we kind of fought because of this, but then when he found the first theme that was right, it was marvellous.

AG: Considering that my blog is addressed to the gay community, what message would you like to give to Portuguese readers?
YG: Be joyful. Embrace life. Embrace your partners. Embrace sex. Just be yourself and don’t be afraid of anything.

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Trailer de "Knife+Heart" (título original: Un couteau dans le coeur), de Yann Gonzalez, 2018.

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